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The MNS Meeting Scientific Committee invites authors to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentation. Submissions can be made via your MNS member panel. All abstracts must follow the instructions listed below and be submitted by March 31st, 2023. Abstract submission is free of charge. The requirement to submit the abstract is to be an MNS member in 2023.

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The requirement to submit a proposal is active MNS membership for the current year (2023)

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The MNS strives to strengthen exchanges between Mediterranean neuroscientists, promote education in the neurosciences and increase public awareness of progress made. The participation of scientists from the South countries, whether as organizers of symposia or as speakers, is, therefore, highly encouraged. The gender ratio, and the geographical distribution in order to promote a diversity of the attending members, within each proposal will also be taken into account to reach a decision.

Online submission for symposium proposals is open and ends 31st of January 2023. Submission Online at

The MNS and its partners will provide a limited number of stipends for qualified early-career candidates (guidelines to be released soon). However, the symposium proponents are invited to seek funding for travel, accommodation and conference registration of the invited participants (MNS only offers logistic support at the meeting venue).
Project FibroCanBiome – “Preclinical and Clinical Evidence on the Alteration of Cannabinoids-Gut Microbiome link in Fibromyalgia: a Proof-of-Concept Study in Malta”
Post/s of Full-Time Post-Doctoral Researcher - Research Support Officer III or IV
Project FibroCanBiome – “Preclinical and Clinical Evidence on the Alteration of Cannabinoids-Gut Microbiome link in Fibromyalgia: a Proof-of-Concept Study in Malta”
Funded by the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation (MEYR)
Department of Physiology and Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Further Information
1. The use of medical/recreational marijuana and its legal market size is on the rise worldwide. Medical cannabis has potential benefits for different diseases, but the lack of well-performed biomedical and clinical research has hindered its therapeutic use, including in fibromyalgia (FM). Indeed, conflicting results exist on the use of cannabinoids in FM due to both the variability of medical cannabis products and the wide spectrum of the disease. It has been long suggested that gut microbiota, pain, and
many other comorbidities are linked, but till the present day, the potential causal correlations between FM, the gut microbiome, and cannabinoids are unknown. We will use cutting-edge in vivo and in vitro technologies in a fibromyalgia rodent model. These studies will then be translated into a cohort of FM patients to reveal the mechanisms of action of plant and endoCB and prove their translational potential for FM treatment. Further information may be obtained by contacting Professor Giuseppe Di Giovanni at
2. The appointee will be expected to undertake the following tasks:
a. Execute and analyze behavioral studies in animal models with specific behavioral protocols;
b. Performing stereotaxic surgeries;
c. developing and implementing in vivo electrophysiological electroencephalography (EEG) protocols to
understand neuronal and circuit-level function in both normal and diseased brains;
d. train new personnel on in vivo electrophysiology and behaviour techniques;
e. produce deliverables and related reports within the stipulated time frames as specified in the project description;
f. keep detailed progress reports and abide to all the conditions imposed by the project;
g. assist in the dissemination process with the relevant stakeholders;
h. attend project internal meetings and consortium meetings;
i. travel and attend meetings/conferences as the need arises;
j. take part in the submission of EU-funded research proposals to sustain related research beyond the funding of the project; and
k. perform any other project-related task as instructed by the project coordinator and key experts.   Research Support Officer IV: initial €41,600.
The fellowships will support the pre-doctoral work of up to two candidates in a laboratory within the NYULH Neuroscience ( Research sponsored by the Fresco Institute seeks to elucidate the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the genesis of Parkinson Disease and other movement disorders with advanced molecular, genetic, optical, neurochemical and electrophysiological approaches.
Location New York
Deadline 11.59 pm New York time of January 23, 2023
Application  Applicants should send the complete documentation to: and
This project, within the frame of EBRAINS Italy, will create whole-brain activity maps and causally test selected hubs mediating attenuation of fear memories. The PhD student will be involved mainly in behavioral experiments, causal neuroscience, manipulations, tissue collection, microscopy and whole-brain activity data analysis. The PhD student will be also involved in international collaborations and will present his/her project in national and international conferences.
Employer/Location  Institute of Neuroscience of the National Research Council of Italy in the
Neuroscience department of the Humanitas Research Hospital.
Offer  This position is part of EBRAINS Italy and is part of the international school of advanced studies. The school (led by University of Camerino) hosts a novel national PhD school in theoretical and applied neuroscience hosting PhD students performing their project across affiliated laboratories all over Italy.
We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow for a project aimed at better understanding the deregulation
of neuroplasticity, and in particular of adult neurogenesis and gliogenesis, in aging and in neurodegenerative disorders, including (but not limited to) Alzheimer’s disease. The ideal candidate holds a PhD in molecular neuroscience, neuropharmacology or related field, has strong interest in the molecular basis of CNS diseases and in the identification of potential novel therapeutic targets
Employer  University of Piemonte Orientale
Location  Novara, Dept Pharmaceutical Sciences, Laboratory of Neuroplasticity
Offer  A one-year, renewable, postdoctoral position starting from February-March 2023. 
Deadline (for online official application): January 10, 2023
Application Candidates interested in participating in the selection should contact Mariagrazia Grilli and send, as one single file, their detailed CV, a motivation letter and contact information of two-three references.
The project aims to characterize several novel aspects of ETiX-embryoid development by performing multi-omics analyses and by testing the function of gene candidates using genetically modified versions of ETiX-embryoids.
Employer/Location  University of Padova
Offer  18 months from February 2023 for a total gross salary (before taxes) of 42.750,00 €
Application  Applicants should send to their CV, a cover letter explaining why you are interested in joining the lab, and contact information of two references.     POST-DOCTORAL POSITION AT THE NEUROSCIENCE INSTITUTE, NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF DR MARCO MAINARDI
The project, funded by PNRR (National Plan of Recovery and Resilience), aims at using genetically encoded tools for imaging and molecular characterization of synaptic proteins in physiological and pathological conditions.
Employer/Location  Neuroscience Institute, National Research Council, Pisa
Offer  24 months starting from the first half of 2023 for a total yearly gross salary (before taxes) of 25000 €
Application  Applicants should send to their CV, a cover letter explaining why you are interested in joining the lab, and contact information of one reference.

The candidate will combine behavioral investigation in murine animal models
with in-vivo large-scale neuronal imaging as well as the latest optogenetic and chemogenetic
approaches to deconstruct and manipulate neuronal circuits. According to interest, the
applicant will supervise students and collaborate with other lab members and collaborators on other projects.
Employer/Location  IIT – Genova, Italy
Deadline January 15, 2023 Call at:
MNS highly supports young researchers and promotes their career development at any stage.
The Young MNS Committee (YMNSC) aims to bridge the gap between young members' needs and the MNS Council.
The YMNSC promotes participation in the scientific community of young neuroscientists in the Mediterranean area, with a particular emphasis on those working in low-income countries. It channels its own initiatives, organizes activities useful for students’ training and transition towards independence, and addresses the interests, needs, problems and concerns of young neuroscientists in the Mediterranean area.
The YMNSC channels information relative to Education in Neuroscience and MNS activities through our social media and newsletter.
YMNSC general mission is to strengthen the MNS young community and to enable young neuroscientists to discuss their views on the future of Neuroscience in the different Regions of the Mediterranean area.

The YMNS President will participate in the decision-making processes of the MNS Council by participating in their meetings, with a unique role of advising the MNS Council on issues of early career scientists and developing programs and activities that meet their needs.


The call for self-nominations for Young MNSC members is open.

YMNSC is composed of neuroscientists (up to 2 for each Mediterranean Countries) with no permanent position such as Master's students, PhD students, Postdocs, Researchers, etc with no more than 10 years of experience since the completion of PhD.

Young MNS members interested in bringing vision, energy, and commitment to this new and important committee can self-nominate themselves by sending a letter of intent together with their CV, a letter/certificate from their Institution regarding their position and a recommendation letter by a senior Scholar at The call will be closed as soon as suitable candidates are found.
The 9th Mediterranean Neuroscience conference that will be held in Carthage (Tunisia, 14-18 October 2023) is now accepting submissions for proposed symposia. A typical symposium gathers 4-5 speakers, each addressing the general topic from a different perspective. The total allocated time is 2 hours per proposed symposium (linked symposia could be proposed, but their joint acceptance is not guaranteed, given our aim to increase thematic diversity). Symposia dealing with all areas of neuroscience research are warmly invited, including, biomedical, clinical, genetics, imaging, computational history and teaching neuroscience.

Find all the details on this page on our website -> Call for Symposia