We are striving to facilitate the progress of MNS and paving the way for the strategic development of our Society. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed and will continue to change, the world and the way we work. Therefore, we are developing a new website that will be a remote window on the MNS, where you can easily find all the information you could need, including our Conferences, Schools and Newsletters. Registered members now have access to a member panel from which, with the utmost security, they can pay the membership fee, submit a Symposium or Abstract proposal, pay the registration for our biennial Conference, and cast their vote for the General Assembly (GA) and the election of the new Vice President, and Council members. This will greatly simplify all these procedures.

Moreover, to increase the transparency and openness of the Society matters it will be possible to access the Minutes of the Council Meetings, the Financial statements, and the agendas of the Meetings. I, as the President, and the rest of the Council, want to ensure access to all to necessary information.

Since the last GA in Marrakesh, the Council has worked on revising the Bylaws and Rule Book according to the suggestions of the Members at the GA. After various remote and in loco meetings the Council has produced new drafts to help ease the future work of the MNS.

During these difficult times, virtual voting and even virtual meetings have helped members of different societies to keep their sense of affiliation and belonging. Virtual GAs are one step further in that direction. Therefore, as the MNS President, I am calling an extraordinary GA vote to gather the confirmation of MNS members on the adoption of the revised Bylaws and Rule Book. Once the Bylaws and Rule Book are accepted, the MNS will be more open and ready for opportunities and challenges to improve and facilitate truly engaging activities among its members.

General Assembly Vote will be held virtually on November the 2nd 2020. The Bylaws and Rule Book will have to be approved by the majority of the MNS members voting on the election day.

You will be able to vote all day on November the 2nd 2020.

To be able to vote, you must be registered and have paid the annual membership fee.

We hope you will help us to make your Society better!

Professor Giuseppe Di Giovanni
Mediterranean Neurosciences Society