Publication Opportunities

The official journals for the 9th International Conference of the Mediterranean Neuroscience Society are cFrontiers Journals (Frontiers in Pharmacology), Journal of Neuroscience Methods Elsevier, CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics by Wiley and The Receptors Springer.
Frontiers Frontiers journals ( are led and peer-reviewed by editorial boards of over 100,000 top researchers. Covering more than 600 academic disciplines, we are one of the largest and highest-cited publishers in the world. To date, our freely accessible research articles have received over 500 million views and downloads and 1 million citations. We strive to continuously empower the academic community with innovative solutions that improve how science is published, evaluated and communicated to researchers, innovators and the public.
Journal-Neuroscience-Methods The Journal of Neuroscience Methods by Elsevier ( publishes papers that describe new methods that are specifically for neuroscience research conducted in invertebrates, vertebrates or in man. Major methodological improvements or important refinements of established neuroscience methods are also considered for publication. The Journal's Scope includes all aspects of contemporary neuroscience research, including anatomical, behavioural, biochemical, cellular, computational, molecular, invasive and non-invasive imaging, optogenetic, and physiological research investigations
CNS The CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics by Wiley ( provides a medium for rapid publication of original clinical, experimental, and translational research papers, timely reviews and reports of novel findings of therapeutic relevance to the central nervous system, as well as papers related to clinical pharmacology, drug development and novel methodologies for drug evaluation. The journal focuses on neurological and psychiatric diseases such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and drug abuse.
Receptors The Receptors book Series ((, founded in the 1980’s, is a broad-based and well-respected series on all aspects of receptor neurophysiology. The series presents published volumes that comprehensively review neural receptors for a specific hormone or neurotransmitter by invited leading specialists. Particular attention is paid to in-depth studies of receptors’ role in health and neuropathological processes. Recent volumes in the series cover chemical, physical, modeling, biological, pharmacological, anatomical aspects and drug discovery regarding different receptors. All books in this series have, with a rigorous editing, a strong reference value and provide essential up-to-date resources for neuroscience researchers, lecturers, students and pharmaceutical research.
Conference Proceedings

All the abstracts of the Plenary Lectures, Symposia and Mini-Symposia and Posters will be published in a Proceeding volume and will be distributed to all the attendees.

Edited Books

Participants will be invited to submit proposals for Edited Books for the prestigious Book Series “The Receptors” by Springer

Regular Journal articles (review/research manuscripts)

Participants will be invited to submit manuscripts based on 9th International Conference of the Mediterranean Neuroscience Society presentations for possible publication in CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics Wiley, Journal of Neuroscience Methods Elsevier, and Frontiers Journals, with the intention of becoming part of a Special Issues/Hot Topic dedicated to the conference.

Accepted papers are published individually as soon as they are accepted.

Note that the Journal of Neuroscience Methods Elsevier accept only reviews and research articles on new methods in Neuroscience.

Two Research Topic Opportunities in Frontiers Journals

Frontiers’ Research Topics are peer-reviewed article collections around themes of cutting-edge research and the hottest topics, stimulating collaboration and accelerating science. Do not miss this opportunity to submit to

1st RT: Pharmacological actions of drugs in the Brain

Edited by Giuseppe Di Giovanni, L-Università ta' Malta, Msida, Malta; Lakhdar-Ghazal, Nouria, Faculté des Sciences Rabat, Rabat, Morocco; Tanya Calvey, University of the Witwatersrand Faculty of Health Sciences, Johannesburg, South Africa; Christina Dalla, School of Medicine, Athens, Greece

2nd RT. Therapeutics and clinical management of neurological disorders

Edite by Noël, Jacques D. Université Côte d'Azur, Nice, France; Goran Simic Croatian Institute for Brain Research, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb; Amira Zaky Faculty of Science, Alexandria, Egypt

All manuscripts will be subjected to the mandatory selection process for the journal selected, including the strict peer review procedure; therefore, acceptance for presentation at the meeting is not a guarantee for publication in either of the journals.